World Internet Conference 2018

Internet Conference 4G Service Perception Analysis Service
  (I) Background
  World Internet Conference (WIC) is a cosmopolitan internet meeting sponsored by China and held in the river town of Wuzhen,Tongxiang County, Jiaxing City, eastern China's Zhejiang Province annually. WIC aims to build an international platform for the interconnection and interworking between the world and China and a Chinese platform for the information sharing and shared governance of international internet, and thus help countries reach consensus through disputes, establish cooperation on basis of consensus and achieve win-win results during cooperation. Up to now, WIC has been held five times in Wuzhen.
  During the WIC 2018, GreeNet had the honor to provide its communication service provider with such services as 4G business perception analysis.
  The excellent properties and outstanding performance of our mobile DPI products in field of business perception were fully displayed during the conference.
  (II) An overview of guarantee services
  1. Date: Nov. 6-10, 2018
  2. Scope of guarantee: International Conferences & Exhibition Center, important traffic hubs, hotels and scenic spots accommodating both foreign and Chinese guests and so on.
  (III) Process of guarantee
  With the support of relevant parties and customers, the guarantee work was finally a complete success.
  1. Pre-conference assessment on 4G business perception
  Complete the pre-conference preparation for the conference and the post-conference assessment on 4G business perception of important places to find and solve the problems.
  2. Analysis on 4G business perception during the conference
  Develop real-time guarantee to realize the 4G business perception-side real-time output analysis.
  3. Post-conference assessment
  Complete the post-conference assessment and give an overall analysis and assessment on the perception and relevant behaviors of telecom users during the conference.