Case of intelligent MAN pipeline construction

Case of intelligent MAN pipeline construction
  (I) Background
  As the strategic position of informatization construction has been constantly consolidated, the importance of Shanghai, as the center of information exchange and transmission for the whole country and even the whole world becomes increasingly obvious. China Telecom Shanghai Branch actively participates in social informatization, places emphasis on innovation and constantly satisfy the requirements of increasingly diversified information and communication services, and then establish its sustainable development mode, at time of powering the sustainable development of Shanghai's economy in infrastructure construction and application promotion. The first and foremost problems we are confronted with currently are how to further consolidate the leading position of China Telecom Shanghai Branch and how to better optimize the network to provide users with quality service and better meet the market needs.
  With the largest and most complex IP MAN in China, China Telecom Shanghai Branch not only provides Shanghai users with access to broadband businesses but also serves as a bridge linking the broadband businesses in both Shanghai and even the whole country and the whole world, and meanwhile undertakes the IPTV, VPN, soft switch, 3G and other businesses in a comprehensive way. Therefore, the utilization ratio of its equipment, the extent of its scalability, the size of its internet bandwidth, the breadth and depth of its network coverage can directly affect the development of broadband business.
  (II)Needs and challenges
  1. The application and popularization of VoIP and P2P bring challenges to the business operation of operators.
  2. Shared business access affects the legitimate interest of telecom operators
  Shared business access is usually called “One-to-N” broadband access and refers that multiple terminals (more than four terminals) under one private broadband account get access to the broadband network, specifically refers to such enterprise users and unlicensed Internet cafes as apply for broadband services in personal name. Such “One-to-N” behaviors directly violate the broadband access protocol between users and telecom operators and will affect the legitimate interests of telecom operators.
  (III) GreeNet's NISP Solutions
  In order to further understand the specific situation of IP MAN businesses in Shanghai and realize delicacy management of network, Shanghai NOC Data Center has deployed GreeNet's NISP system between IP MAN convergence layer and core exit layer. By analyzing the core exit traffic, the use and distribution of such technologies as VoIP, P2P and shared access can be learned, and thus the delicacy management of network traffic can be better implemented.
  1. Deployment position of NISP system
  NISP realized the full coverage of Trunklink DPI between IP MAN convergence layer and core exit layer in 2012 by means of part of bidirectional/unidirectional full coverage.
  2.An introduction to GreeNet's NISP platform
  NISP platform is a telecom operator-oriented intelligent network business platform launched by GreeNet. Based on advanced DPI technology and cloud computing technology, NISP platform is capable of network visualization and multi-dimensional traffic delicacy management.
  Based on Intel X86 hardware architecture, NISP platform can rapidly customize and develop various types of network applications. Currently, the application packages supported by the platform include two-speed network, multi-network bridging, traffic analysis and control, unlicensed router inspection and control, One-to-N identification and control, information pushing, user behavior analysis, intelligent image, network visualization and centralized management.
  The overall architecture of the platform contains five layers, including Bypass optical protector, front-end processor, pre-processor, business processor and interface processor, which work collaboratively with each other. The equipment of each layer realizes internal communication via reachable IP network.
  The front-end processor and pre-processor work as the equipment responsible for front-end collection equipment and real-time analysis to conduct the real-time analysis and control on link traffic, and then submit the link traffic information covered to the cloud platform that is composed by business processors. Afterwards, the cloud platform will make statistical analysis on network traffic data, then generate business strategies and submit such strategies to the given front-end equipment.
  3. Advancedness of NISP platform
  NISP platform is advanced in fields of software and hardware:
  The hardware of NISP platform adopts Intel X86 general architecture with high programmability and can rapidly customize and develop business functions according to customer demands.
  Based on Linux operation system, NISP platform adopts C language programming with good compatibility and powerful secondary development ability.
  NISP platform adopts such software architecture featured by front-end and back-end separation. The operation of adding new functions to the back-end cloud platform has no impact on the front-end equipment. In case of a power failure or back-end server malfunction, the front-end equipment can continue normal operation according to the strategy saved before such failures and there are no impacts on exiting business.
  The back-end cloud platform of NISP can process mass data and ensure data security by adopting the distributed computing and storage architecture and is has rich GUIs by adopt Web 2.0-based rich client technology.
  4. Business capability of NISP system
  -Common application analysis and control
  -Shared access inspection
  -Information pushing
  -P2P analysis
  -VoIP control
  -Network visualization business
  -Traffic accounting
  -Green Internet
  (IV) Realization effect
  After using GreeNet's NISP system, China Telecom Shanghai Branch can realize the analysis and control of the common applications of connected links;
  Realize the identification and control of shared access, VoIP, P2P businesses; realize information pushing, network visualization operation, VideoCache, traffic accounting and green Internet;
  The system supports centralized network management, IPv6 traffic identification and control.
  The system upgrades the accuracy and completeness of IP MAN traffic, realizes the delicacy analysis and management on different IP network traffic and expands the network coverage of delicacy analysis system for exiting IP MAN traffic, which provides strong support for the pipelined operation of China Telecom Shanghai Branch.