Wuhan GreeNet Information Service Co., Ltd. ("GreeNet") was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in the "Optics Valley of China" Wuhan High-tech Development Zone。


Upholding the philosophy of "Fortitude through Focus", GreeNet is committed to becoming a leader in carrier-grade network and security equipments and solutions.


GreeNet continues to make great investment in R&D, focusing in the fields of Broadband Access, DPI (Deep Packet Inspection), Big Data and Network Information Security, providing operators with carrier-grade network equipment and solutions. GreeNet has the total solution for networks at all levels, covering fiber-optic broadband, 2G/3G/4G mobile network, VoLTE and IoT, etc., which has been successfully deployed and approved in the industry.


Amid the trends of 5G, SDN/NFV, MEC (multi-access edge computing) and FMC (fixed mobile convergence), GreeNet launched Super-Intelligent Network Element (SINE), an innovative product that integrates multiple functions in BRAS, plus edge computing, edge storage and DPI. The product is based on the universal X86 structure platform, providing operators with network solutions characterized agile deployment, flexible scalability, lower costs and higher efficiency.


GreeNet consistently fortifies itself with product R&D and quality management, and has successively acquired series of ISO certifications and CMMI4 software management certification. It deeply participates in the development of many national industrial standards, which directly lead the innovation of the industry and has been commercially deployed in a large scale already.

Owe to the building and accumulation of technological capabilities, innovation and professional near the customer services, today, GreeNet solution has successfully covered 31 provinces, over 160 cities in China, handling traffic of exceeding 400 Terabytes online, receiving acknowledgement from customers from all departments.


Adhering to the values of "leading, exploring, professional, efficient and innovative", GreeNet, as a leader in communication network traffic management, will continue to rely on its core technologies and team up with business partners, so as to gain a deeper insight into the ICT convergence, to become a global leading provider of intelligent network services.