Training Service

Training Service
To allow customers to have a better understanding and use of the company's equipment and services, ensure customers to deeply understand equipment features and normally use equipment and various product functions after introducing the company's equipment and services, and ensure the stable operation of the equipment system, we provide customers with high-quality training and guidance.
● Abundant training content
In terms of training content, we mainly provide trainings for product introduction, system operation, equipment maintenance and troubleshooting.
● Flexible training forms
In terms of training forms, we provide on-site training and interpretation, on-site demonstration and technical exchange activities; according to different customer demands, we also invite customers to visit our company, participate in various training activities, laboratory experience, thematic technical exchange and other activities.
● Normalized training mechanism
The company establishes a normalized training mechanism for regular and irregular internal and external technical trainings and exchange activities. And according to the company's development and the industry development trend, it constantly updates the training content, and keeps at the forefront of technology.

Training Service National technical support hotline: 400-888-7180
Training Service Enterprise technical support email: tech_support@greenet.net.cn