Technical Support

Wuhan Greenet provides for nationwide customers with timely technical response services, and help them to prevent and quickly solve problems. By relying on professional technical support teams, we provide customers with on-site and remote products delivery, technical consultation and technical support services.
The scope of service is as follows:
(A small red flag can be found in each province on a map of China, indicating the nationwide coverage of our on-site and remote services at present.)
Technical Support
● Telephone and remote support service:
When customers can make service requests by telephone when they encounter technical problems that they cannot solve during the maintenance of project. Upon receipt of service requests, we will give a quick response through telephone support service; as for technical problems that cannot be solved through telephone support service, upon consent of the customer, we will login into the system that the customer declared problems through a remote terminal, make fault diagnosis, handle the corresponding fault, and guide on-site maintenance personnel for troubleshooting.
● On-site support service:
As for problems that cannot be solved by remote access service, the company provides on-site technical support service by immediately arranging experienced technical support engineers to the site to analyze the fault cause, formulate solutions for the fault, and finally remove the fault.
According to the complexity of equipment fault service, the company's technical service system is classified into three fault handling service levels: on-site delivery engineer, delivery expert and R&D engineer.
Technical Support

Technical Support National technical support hotline:400-888-7180
Technical Support Enterprise technical support email:tech_support@greenet.net.cn