Super Intelligent Network Element (SINE)


● Product positioning:

Super Intelligent Network Element SINEis based on X86 universal server, and software realizes control plane and data forwarding plane. It integrates the functions of edge access, edge computing, edge storage, DPI, network security, etc. which is in line with the trend of SDN Software-defined Networking, NFV Network Function Virtualization, MEC Multi-Access Edge Computingnetwork devices evolution. As an edge intelligent access device, its deployment is closer to the user, the business innovation ability of operators will be more flexible, and the management and control ability will be stronger. Data storage capacity, combined with third-party caching and CDN system, stores hot spot resources nearby to further enhance the user's online experience, and stores a large number of original CDR data nearby, to provide relevant departments with more accurate granularity and more detailed basic data.  


● System architecture:

Based on general server architecture, SINE system supports virtualization and basic network functions, integrates advanced business services such as broadband management, network security, CACHE optimization and traffic shaping, and supports external open interface.


● Business functions:

SINE integrates the functions of edge access, edge computing, edge storage, DPI, network security, and so on. With component-based structure, by combining images of different features with a small amount of development, it forms solutions and products for different scenarios. At present, it mainly supports network functions, compliance checking, content acceleration, and DDOS near source suppression. In future, new business applications can be quickly incubated and deployed according to actual business needs.


Content acceleration: support SINE integrated caching function to achieve CDN CACHE sinking. 

DPI and compliance checking: support DPI function, realize detection function of illegal communication content and network abuse based on DPI.

Network functions: support functions such as authentication, billing, authorization, access, routing and VPN.

Network security: through the modular combination architecture of SINE itself, functions of network security function can be integrated to achieve network security and other functions. 

Value-added services: support fast response value-added services, such as application acceleration, daily package, user self-service, etc.

Super Intelligent Network Element: it integrates the functions of edge access, edge calculation, edge storage and DPI.


● Application scenarios: 

SINE is deployed on the network access side, supporting edge intelligent access, realizing functions such as network edge user authentication, network interoperability, data analysis, data storage and edge computing.


● Application cases: 

Traditional BRAS mainly has user access functions for fixed network, and does not have mobile network user access functions, edge computing, edge storage, DPI, network security, data acquisition and analysis capabilities. Focusing on the new business and TCO total cost of ownershipadvantages brought by the combination of BRAS and UPF, our company's super intelligent network element products have been deployed on line by a Chinese operator and single device has been successfully connected, with fixed network and mobile network users up to 15,000.